Beyler Mosque

Beyler mosque (Baylar mosque) located nearby the Complex of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs was constructed in 1895, in the place of a more ancient mosque. Baylar mosque laid down the foundations of new architectural researches of religious constructions subject to protection of the local architectural traditions.


Beyler mosque was built by Zulfugar al-hadj, Hadji Baba and Hadji Javad, sons of Hadji Muhammad Hashim al-Bakuvi. The name of well-known oil man Murtuza Mukhtarov is mentioned as a customer in one of the inscriptions engraved on the mosque.

The monument, crowned with perfect minaret, was built in the place of a more ancient mosque and has successfully fitted into the curvilinear planning of the street.

Baylar mosque embodies the constructive principles of European, Easterns and local architecture. The drafted dome of the mosque has perfect stratches and masonry styles.

Its interior consists of vestibule, chapel and chancel of specially underlined type of masonry and having a decorative expression form.

The Beyler mosque is the monument of local value.

Conservation work was carried out by local and foreign experts under the leadership of Erich Pummer known Austrian specialist restorer.

Source: Official website of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Beyler Mosque
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