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Azerbaijani roads are the best in the CIS

Investments in the construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of roads in Azerbaijan during 2020, taking into account targeted external loans received with a state guarantee, amounted to 1 billion 722 million manats. This is stated in the report of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan for 2020.
In total, 1,385 kilometers of roads were laid during the reporting period: 254.6 kilometers – roads of republican significance, 767.2 kilometers – roads of local importance, 342.1 kilometers of roads – in the city of Baku, 21.4 kilometers – in Sumgayit.
In addition, at the expense of the above funds, 20 bridges were repaired on the existing highways of Baku and Azerbaijan, two road tunnels and one railway bridge were built, and 9 pedestrian crossings were built and 3 were repaired.

Source: Trend News Agency

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