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A two-lane service road to the city of Shusha was put into operation

A two-lane service road was put into operation along the 101.5 km highway to the city of Shusha. This was reported by the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads. It is planned that the new Fuzuli-Shusha highway will consist of 4-6 lanes. The first 48 km of the 84.6-kilometer road will consist of 6 traffic lanes, and from 48 to 84.6 km – 4 lanes. The width of the roadbed will be 29.5 and 21.5 meters, respectively.
The Fizuli-Shusha highway passes near the future Fizuli airport. For this reason, in order to connect the highway with the airport, the project also provides for the construction of an interchange and an entrance road on the 27th km of the highway.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

Rent a car in Baku, Azerbaijan

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