A video about the sights of Shusha has been prepared

The Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency has prepared an introductory video about the sights of the city of Shusha.
The video provides information about the Shusha fortress – the house of the poetess, gifted artist and philanthropist of khan gizi Khurshudbanu Natavan; the Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque, built on the central square of the city of Shusha; located 150 meters from the center, the Ashagi Govhar Agha Mosque; the Chetir waterfall in the Dashalty gorge; discovered in the 18th century by Isa Bulagy, as well as about Jydyr-Duzyu, where horse races were held and the Novruz holiday was celebrated.
You can watch the video HERE

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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