Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

The Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences has prepared an Action Plan for Scientific Research in the Liberated Territories of Azerbaijan. The plan includes the preparation of infrastructure for organizing tourism in the area where the Azykh cave is located, conducting research to compile the “Red Book” of the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, preparing and submitting proposals to the relevant authorities for the restoration of reserves and reserves, creating the Karabakh scientific department of the Institute of Bioresources, the Botanical Garden, where collected plants of the Karabakh region.
Also, the Plan reflects such issues as the study of the hydrofauna of the Sugovushan, Khudaferin and Gyz Galasy reservoirs, the Okhchuchay, Khakari and Bargushad rivers, documenting historical and cultural monuments, museums, exhibits and artifacts plundered and falsified by the Armenians, systematized demonstration of information about destroyed, actual analysis of archaeobiological data.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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