Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum promotes the cultural heritage of Karabakh

In order to promote the cultural heritage of Karabakh throughout the world, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum carries out work in the information sphere.
The heading “Chronicle of Karabakh carpets” tells about pile and pileless carpets, as well as carpet products of Karabakh. On Tuesdays, under the heading “Soul asks for Karabakh …”, archival photographs of the picturesque corners of Karabakh and ethnographic material are exhibited. On Wednesdays, under the heading “Karabakh – the land of artists”, you can see clothes, jewelry and products of decorative and applied art related to Karabakh. On Thursdays under the heading “Karabakh immortalized in sketches”, the audience is shown sketches based on the Karabakh carpets, the author of which is the people’s artist Latif Kerimov. Interesting information about famous figures of Karabakh is presented on Fridays under the heading “Shining like pearls”.
It should be noted that preparations are also underway for the restoration of the Shusha branch of the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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