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Azerbaijan Mobile Fixed Broadband Internet Speed

In May of this year, in terms of the speed of broadband Internet, Azerbaijan, having dropped by 7 steps, took the 125th place among 180 countries. According to the Speedtest Global Index report, the country’s average fixed broadband download speed last month was 23.25 Mbps. In terms of the speed of mobile Internet, Azerbaijan with an average download speed of 36.34 Mbit / s dropped by one step and took 68th place.
The first place in the ranking of countries in terms of the speed of fixed Internet was taken by Hong Kong (245.01 Mbit / s), the last was occupied by Turkmenistan (4.19 Mbit / s).
In the list of mobile operators, the United Arab Emirates took the first place (194.09 Mbps), and Afghanistan – the last 137th place (6.86 Mbps).

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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