Balakhany will turn into a new tourist destination

The Agency for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (KOBIA), the State Tourism Agency and the Baku Improvement Service LLC (Bakı Abadlıq Xidməti) will cooperate in transforming the village of Balakhani into a new tourist route.
As part of this cooperation, all three institutions will join forces to transform Balakhany into a new tourist destination, create new tourist sites, and further improve the village. Thus, the State Tourism Agency will support the construction of a tourist route. KOBIA will contribute to the creation of new business entities in the field of tourism in Balakhani, in particular in the field of crafts, services and trade, as well as facilitate the implementation of business initiatives in this area. And the Baku Landscaping Service will further expand the landscaping activities being carried out in the village

Source: Baku Travel Guide