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Road reconstruction works

Work has begun on the construction of a road from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan, Turkish Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismayiloglu said. “We discussed with the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan the issue of building a road from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan. We noted that it is necessary to complete the construction as soon as possible. Construction has already begun,” Karaismayiloglu said.
According to him, it is also necessary to start building a railway from Turkish Kars to the Diluju checkpoint on the border with Nakhchivan. “It is also necessary to modernize the railways in Nakhchivan and after that start building a direct railway from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan, thus providing a railway connection between Turkey and Azerbaijan directly, and not through Georgia,” Minister Karaismayiloglu said.  He noted that Azerbaijan plans to build the specified railway in December, but Turkey proposed to first complete the construction of the highway, and then move on to laying a railway from Azerbaijan to Nakhchivan.

Source: Yeni Safak

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