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Foundation of international airport laid in Lachin

Today, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev laid the foundation of the Lachin international airport. “The only place was chosen where, after carrying out large earthworks, it is still possible to build an airport. I believe that, perhaps for the first time in world history, an airport is being built on such a relief. Because all airports are usually built on flat terrain. As there is no such place, the only place was the village of Gorchu, Lachin region. The advantage of this place is that the distance from the city of Lachin is just over 30 km, and from the city of Kalbajar – just over 60 km. At the same time, the distance to the city of Shusha is about 70 km. That is, in the future, to get to Shusha, it will be possible to use both the Fuzuli and Lachin airports, “the President noted.

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