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It is planned to build a bridge across the Upper Karabakh Canal.

According to the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev “On additional measures to complete the construction of the Avshar-Salmanbeyli-Ashagi Avshar-Khojavend highway”, the work on the project is being carried out at the final stage. This was reported by the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.
It is noted that 8 km of the road leading to the village of Salmanbeyli and 2.9 km of the internal roads of the village are being reconstructed, a new landfill and road base are being built, water pipelines are being laid. In the coming days, the paving of 5.6 km of internal roads in the village of Avshar and the construction of a single-span bridge across the Upper Karabakh canal will begin.

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