Karabakh can acquire the status of a world-class tourist zone

Karabakh will become an ecotourism center of regional significance, and in the future, it may acquire the status of a world-class tourist zone, said the chairman of the board of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Azerbaijan  Samir Dubandi.
According to him, Nagorno-Karabakh has huge tourism potential, and with the restoration of lost infrastructure communications in the liberated territories, it is expected that favorable conditions will be formed for business, including for the development of tourism.
At the same time, ecotourism activities in Karabakh will rapidly develop, since these lands are rich in natural resources. Taking into account the mountainous terrain, it is possible to develop various types of extreme tourism, agritourism, rural and “green” tourism, hiking, mushroom tours, bird watching and other areas, Dubandi said.

Source: Trend News Agency

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