Reconstruction of the Ujar-Zardab-Agjabedi road completed

The reconstruction of the Ujar-Zardab-Agjabedi highway has been completed. This was reported by the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads. The road was modernized according to the project in accordance with the II degree while maintaining the existing traffic directions. According to the project, the width of one lane of the road, consisting of two lanes in each direction, is 3.75 meters, the total width of the road is 15 meters. The thickness of the three-layer roadbed as a whole is 0.9 meters, the thickness of the asphalt concrete pavement is 27 centimeters inclusive. As part of the project, 9 underpasses, 30 bus stops, 26 water outlets were built on this road, 74 water pipes of various diameters were installed.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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