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Monitoring Continues At Catering Establishments And Hotels

Monitoring continues at catering establishments and hotels

The Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency and the Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency have checked 829 catering establishments and 68 hotels across the country for compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards in the context of the coronavirus. The monitoring revealed 21 shortcomings…

Rules For The Sale Of Bread In Azerbaijan Prepared

Rules for the sale of bread in Azerbaijan prepared

Openly sold bakery, flour and confectionery products, dried fruits and other bulk food products that have not undergone a heat treatment or purification process must be stored in a special display case, isolated from consumers, and sold by personnel provided…

Cafes And Restaurants With Outdoor Verandas Open Their Doors

Cafes and restaurants with outdoor verandas open their doors

From August 18, visitors are allowed to serve in public catering facilities (cafes, restaurants in Baku, tea houses, etc.) with open verandas in the open air. This was reported in the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.…