New London Taxis In Baku Will Run On Electricity

New London taxis in Baku will run on electricity

100 new "London taxi" LEVC TX models with a 6-seater cabin that meet modern standards have been brought to Baku and are ready to serve citizens at Heydar Aliyev Airport. This was reported by Baku Taxi Service LLC, which operates…

Disinfectors Installed In Baku Taxis

Disinfectors installed in Baku taxis

Baku Taxi Service taxis have hand sanitizers, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies said. Also, a taxi is not allowed to carry more than two people. Cars are sanitized daily Source:

Disinfection Is Carried Out In Baku Taxis

Disinfection is carried out in Baku Taxis

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technology (MTTC) continues to take urgent measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Baku Taxi Service LLC carries out daily disinfection of vehicles operating in the capital under MTST, as well as…