The first stage of reconstruction of roads to Sugovushan and Talysh completed

The State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads has completed the first stage of reconstruction of two highways to the liberated villages of Sugovushan and Talysh in the Terter region.
The total length of highways to these villages in the Terter region is 28.5 km. The roads have been restored in accordance with the second technical category. The width of the carriageway of the two-lane road is 9 meters.
At the next stage, it is planned to restore a section from the village of Chayly to the village of Talish with a length of 8 km, as well as from the village of Talish to the village of Tap Garagoyunlu of the Goranboy region through the city of Naftalan with a length of 22 km. The connection of these roads will allow driving in this direction both from the city of Terter and from Naftalan.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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