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Shusha fortress wall restoration

The State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture has started the necessary planning and design work to restore and reconstruct the city of Shusha.
Erich Pummer, the head of the world-famous Austrian restoration company Atelier Erich Pummer GmbH, was hired as a consultant for the restoration of the Shusha fortress walls and the Ganja Gate.
At the first stage of restoration work, the stones from which the Shusha fortress walls and the Ganja Gate were built were cleaned of the layer of cement-sand plaster applied in recent years, the gaps between the stones were filled with lime-sand mortar in accordance with international conservation standards.
Along with this, on the fortress walls of the city of Shusha, an inscription with the name of the city that existed at one time was restored, which was dismantled by the armed forces of Armenia during the occupation.

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