Work began on asphalting roads in Sugovushan and Talysh

Work has begun on the asphalting of highways to the villages of Sugovushan and Talish, which were liberated from the Armenian occupation, in the Terter region of Azerbaijan.
Anar Najafli, the head of the press service of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads, said that the total length of roads is 28.5 km, they belong to the II technical category.
“The roads are covered with asphalt concrete, they are two-lane, 9 meters wide. At the next stage, it is planned to build a new 8-kilometer road from the village of Chaily to the settlement of Talysh. In addition, a road will be built from this village in the direction of Gashalti Garagoyunlu village, in the direction of Naftalan, ”A. Najafli noted.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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