Koroglu monument

One of the brightest works of Azerbaijani sculptors, Koroglu monument is located in the Koroglu park, at the intersection of the Azadlig and Vagif Avenues of the capital. Author of the monument, Azerbaijan People`s Artist, member of the USSR Academy of Fine Arts, professor Tokay Mammadov. The height of the statue together with the pedestal is 23 meters. The bronze statue of hero Koroglu on the back of Girat was made in Ukraine.


Koroglu is our national hero and a symbol of patriotism and courage. Koroglu has always lived in the hearts of the people of Azerbaijan. Koroglu’s service to the nation has always been remembered and appreciated by the grateful Azerbaijani people.

The character of Koroglu is one of patriotism, courage, bravery and valor. Koroglu epitomizes all the best qualities inherent in Azerbaijani people. The factor of patriotism, which is still very relevant today, is clearly observed in Koroglu’s character.

Our prominent artists have addressed the theme of Koroglu at different times. The “Koroglu” opera composed by brilliant Uzeyir Hajibayli in the 1930s is still very much alive and will live on forever. The overture to the “Koroglu” opera is played at all official ceremonies. Tantamount to our national anthem, this inseparable asset of the Azerbaijani people is still very relevant today.

“There are statues of Koroglu in different parts of Azerbaijan. But there was no statue of Koroglu in Baku and we have bridged this gap today. I signed an order on erecting a statue of Koroglu in Baku in 2009. Our talented sculptor Tokay Mammadov has created a beautiful and magnificent piece of work and the process of selecting an appropriate location for the statue began. I wanted this beautiful and magnificent statue to be erected in a wonderful location of our city and today we are gathered for this historic event” – said İlham Aliyev.

“In Soviet years too, statues of prominent representatives of our nation were erected on the initiative of great leader Heydar Aliyev. This policy is continued today. These statues show again how great and talented the Azerbaijani people are and how many prominent personalities we have had. Their activities, lives and affinity to the people are an example for us all. They have shown this path to us. And this is a path of justice.

Koroglu was also in favor of justice. Koroglu was on the side of the poor. Koroglu was an outstanding personality and a great citizen who could not tolerate injustice and fought against it. I want to repeat that we need to use these positive characters as role models for our young generation. I am very pleased that Azerbaijani youths are patriotic and attached to the Motherland. They love their Motherland. Our citizens are rightly proud to be citizens of Azerbaijan”

Source: Official web-site of President of Azerbaijan Republic

Koroglu monument
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