Monument to Bulbul. Bulbul statue in Baku, Azerbaijan

Monument to BulBul, famous performer of folk and classical works, People’s Artist of the USSR was erected in Baku. The statue was built on the eponymous prospectus in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku.

The author of the bronze statue of the outstanding Azerbaijani musician whom the people have called Bulbul (nightingale) due to his extraordinarily melodic voice is sculptor Akif Asgarov.


Bulbul was a great personality, a great master, the founder of Azerbaijan’s professional vocal art. The folk songs, mughams, classical opera roles that he sang form the golden fund of Azerbaijani music. Bulbul hasn’t been with us for over fifty years. But love for him still lives in the hearts of our people. This love clearly demonstrates recognition of his talent, his greatness.

Bulbul was a truly national singer, a national khanende, a national master. He was very patriotic. At the same time, Bulbul was a wonderful actor. The roles he played are still well remembered.

For many, the image of Koroglu is identified with Bulbul. The younger generation, the middle generation and, of course, the older generation, when thinking about Koroglu, always remember Bulbul. His performance of Koroglu was essentially the peak of his career as an opera singer.

Bulbul was also a prominent public figure, a true Azerbaijani intellectual, a man attached to his people and national roots and, at the same time, open to the world. He promoted Azerbaijani music in the Soviet Union and beyond. In those years, art, music, singing, literature were the only means of promoting our nation in the world. Because Azerbaijan was not independent, and it was our outstanding artists who created an idea about the people of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani land in the world and in the Soviet Union. Bulbul’s role in this was enormous.

A statue has been erected in the center of Baku, next to his home. This shows the attitude of the Azerbaijani people and state to his memory, great respect for Azerbaijani culture, prominent personalities.

Source: Official website of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Monument to Bulbul
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