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Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall is a multipurpose sports and concert arena. The arena is designed to hold the large-scale concerts and either team or individual sporting events. Crystal Hall was constructed on the territory of Baku’s National Flag Cluster specifically to host Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
Main designer of the Complex is the German company “GMP” and the designer of the arena is Swiss company Nussli Internationa AG. The construction of three main components of the stadium (the arena, facade and roof) was launched in parallel at the same time.
The construction has been completed on 16th of April 2012. Officially the arena was announced open on 7th of May and on 22-26th of May it held its first major event, Eurovision Song Contest 2012 Semi-Final and Final competitions. The façade of Crystal Hall is equipped by the numerous modern dynamic LED lights which allow creating various unique lighting effects. During Eurovision Song Contest 2012 those LED lightings used to display colors of flag of the country, the participant of which was announced and went to the stage.
Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall
Baku Crystal Hall
  • The area of arena is 10964 sq.m.
  • The capacity of the hall is 27 000 spectators (15000 standing, 12000 arena seats)
  • The height of the hall in the middle is 24m
  • Arena’s ground cover asphalted.
  • Arena is lit by 12000 LED light points. Lighting rate at 1m height is 850 lux.
The corridor around arena is divided into two symmetrical parts with 15 entrances on each side including 30 outside entrances. Each sector has total 2 transportation access (1 on each side), 10 arena entrances (5 on each side) and 16 tribune accesses (8 on each side). Along the corridor there is available beverage facilities (total 10 with 5 in each sector), caterings (total 18 with 9 in each sector), first aid point (total 2 with 1 in each sector), WCs (total 36 with 6 men, 6 women and 6 for persons with physical disabilities in each sector).
The Backstage zone with total area 2440 sq.m furnished with rooms for athletes and actors is located at the back side of arena.

On the stage of Baku Crystal Hall, such events as:  Eurovision Song Contest 2012, concert of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Shakira, Eros Ramazzotti, Philipp Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov and so on.

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