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The Prosperous Absheron project will cover Pirshagi

The project “Prosperous Absheron”, implemented by the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium Business (SME) of Azerbaijan and “Baku Landscaping Service” LLC, this time took advantage of the residents of the village of Pirshagi. More than 10,000 rosemary sprouts were distributed to 40 families, 250 plants per family. Under the terms of the project, families will take care of the plants for a certain monthly fee. After 6-12 months, the plants will be taken from them, and if they want to continue to participate in the project, new shoots will be issued.
The goal of the “Prosperous Absheron” project is to support the development of self-employment and family farms, providing an opportunity for additional income to low-income families. The initiative also contributes to the expansion of green areas, the development of crop production and processing in agriculture.

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