Tourism sector support mechanisms developed

The Association of Travel Agencies of Azerbaijan has prepared and submitted proposals to the State Tourism Agency to overcome the difficulties that travel companies face due to the coronavirus and to stimulate the activities of companies affected by the pandemic.

Support mechanisms in particular include:

  • Exemption of taxpayers from all types of tax obligations for a period of one year

– Subsidizing the minimum wage of workers working in travel agencies for six months of 2020;

  • Providing at least three months of financial support to pay rent paid by entrepreneurs working in areas affected by the pandemic
  • The exemption of entrepreneurs operating in areas affected by a pandemic from the obligation to advertise in open space (facade) for at least one year;
  • Freezing of existing credit and bank guarantee obligations of entrepreneurs operating in the affected areas for a period of at least six months;
  • Subsidizing interest rates and actively using credit guarantee instruments in areas affected by the pandemic
  • Payment of compensation for utilities in areas affected by the pandemic;
  • Accelerate the process of creating a tourism fund in the near future and revise the need for insurance of the tourism business;