Mardakan Tower (square)

The Quadrangular Mardakan fortress or the Great Mardakan castle is one of the oldest and tallest fortresses of Absheron. The height of the tower is 22 meters, the height of the walls is 7 meters. The thickness is 2.1 meters below the bottom and 1.6 meters from the top. Castle are divided into 5 wounds.


Reaching the rectangular tower in Madrakan is quite easy. When entering Mardakan from the road from Baku it is immediately visible.

Located in Mardakan settlement of Baku, Mardakan fortress was built by Shirvanshah I Akhsitan in the 12th century (1187-1188) in honor of the brilliant victory of Akhsitan over the enemy. Castle was used as a shelter and observation point of feudals.

When you enter the yard of the castle, the wells in the first place attract attention. These wells, about 2 meters deep, are mainly intended for storage of various types of foodstuffs while sheltering during enemy attacks.

There is a groundbreaking pathway to this safe defense building. Although it is possible to see the well on the ground floor, unfortunately there is no room for drowning. To do this, you need to bring a lantern, staircase, or rope. The underground road leads to the Round Mardakan tower

Mardakan Tower (square)
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