Monument to Niyazi

Monument to Niyazi, the prominent conductor of Azerbaijan, the great musician, who is the founder of national conductor school was ceremonially unveiled in the park situated at the Niyazi Street of Baku.
The author of the 3m-high Monument to Niyazi is People`s Painter Omar Eldarov, while architect is Honoured Architect Elbay Gasimzade.


Niyazi laid the foundation of the Azerbaijani conductor’s school, and today his followers delight us with their art. He made a great contribution to the Azerbaijani musical culture, being one of the most famous and talented conductors in the Soviet Union. Niyazi adequately represented Azerbaijan and its people both at the Soviet space and around the world, demonstrating the talent of our people. His conductor’s skill is the greatest asset of our nation. Niyazi was the first conductor of almost all the symphonic works of Azerbaijani composers

Name of Niyazi immortalized in Azerbaijan. His name was given to a symphony orchestra of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, a children’s music school, ship, street, and today a grand, beautiful and majestic monument of Niyazi, blending in with the territory is opening

The great composer and outstanding conductor Niyazi Tagizadeh entered the list of unique musicians who have contributed to the golden pages of musical history.

Azerbaijani music culture remembers him as a great master who had the gift of penetrating deeply into compositions of various genres and eras. His glorious pieces enriched national culture, putting it in the ranks of the progressive, trendy music at the time.

Niyazi was born to the family of a famous composer and theatrical figure. The musical atmosphere prevailed in the family naturally had a great influence on Niyazi.

His uncle, prominent composer Uzeyir Hajibeyli, who was also a genius of Azerbaijani classic music, played a huge role in the creative life of the young Niyazi.

Source: AzerNews

Monument to Niyazi
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