Monument to Rashid Behbudov

Monument to Rashid Behbudov, prominent Azerbaijani singer and public figure was erected in Baku. The statue was built in front of the State Song Theatre named after Rashid Behbudov.
The author of the Monument to Rashid Behbudov is People’s Artist of Azerbaijan, Rector of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, Professor Fuad Salayev.


Rashid Behbudov was an Azerbaijani singer and actor. Behbudov’s beautiful voice let him sing songs of any genre including popular hits, folk songs and classical music. The soulful singer went on to become one of the most-sought after names in the music industry.

His numerous films and astonishing recordings continue to stun and inspire singers and the public. He was celebrated and honored with numerous honors and awards.

Many people first became familiar with Rashid’s extraordinary talent from the 1945 movie version of the opera, “Arshin Mal Alan” (“The Cloth Peddler”) which outstanding Uzeyir Hajibeyov composed in 1910.

His rare vocal talent gave him opportunity to travel beyond the “Iron Curtain” of the Soviet Union, and as a singer he toured with concert performances in several countries of the world, including Iran, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Argentina, and many other countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

He had a good ear and exceptional linguistic ability. Behbudov sang in Azerbaijani, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali among other languages.

Source: AzerNews

Monument to Rashid Behbudov
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