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The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan is a scientific research, cultural and educational establishment that is occupied with collecting, study, exhibit and propaganda of material and spiritual monuments concerning all periods of Azerbaijan history. The museum was created by the name of  “The educational museum of native land” on June 15, 1920  attached to “Musexcursion” subdivision which was newly established at the department of out-of-school work of People’s Education Commissariat of Azerbaijan SSR.


The rich collection of the museum has served as a source for booklets, catalogues, albums and articles published in different years.The books published tastefully by the museum under the  name “National garments” ,“Jewelry”,  “Oriental arms”, “Copperware ” , “Carpets and All Kinds of Carpets and Rugs”, “Azerbaijani embroideries”, “Archaeological material”, “Numismatics” and “Underwater archaeology” were received with great interest. Also the publication of “The catalogue of gold and silver objects found during archaeological excavations ” in 1966 and the album “The ancient adornments of Azerbaijan” in 1972 roused a great interest for history lovers. In the years of 1970-1980 a two-volume book by name “The exhibits speak” came out , covering the description and the information on the original and rare exhibits concerning our contemporary history.

An original “The Statehood in Azerbaijan and its symbols” book-album came out in 2000. Besides reflecting a greater material kept at the museum funds it comprises our state symbols for the first time in Azerbaijan-based history studies.

The Museum-related works published and research sessions-related materials devoted to the results of research works carried out in the Museum in 1950-1990 comprise its research editions. Continued since 2001 under the name of “Azerbaijan History Museum ” this work has been edited by name “Azerbaijan History Museum- 80 ”, “Azerbaijan History Museum -2002 ”, “Azerbaijan History Museum- 2003”,  “Azerbaijan History Museum -2004”. The said works being the collection of scholarly work mainly rely on the Museum materials, reflect the characteristic features of the collected exhibits, the organization of expositions from scientific point of view, the duties of museum management studies and the scientific activity of the Museum research workers. In 2002 the “Maestro Niyazi” catalogue made on the memorial collection preserved at the Museum funds in 2003. the “Multi Media” CD (with financial aid of UNESCO) devoted to the collection of the Azerbaijan History Museum came out. It should be noted that these works comprise only the least part of editions come out with signature stamps of the Azerbaijan History Museum throughout its activity.

The research works carried out in the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan besides developing the Science of History in Azerbaijan also fulfil the main function of the Museum: they form the face of the museum i.e. its exposition. Though the results of various expeditions, valuable archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic materials and documents gained after intense searches are exhibited in the exposition of the Museum and they witness the centuries-old culture and history peculiar to our people.

In 2005 began capital restoration and  reconstruction of Azerbaijan History Museum.Consequently,Taghiyev’s palace obtained its past exterior and interior view again. In November, 2005 the museum was given national status under order of Cabinet of Ministers.


Source: The National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

National Museum of History
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