Tuba Shahi mosque

Tuba Shahi mosque (King Tuba Mosque) in Mardakan settlement is one of the historical monuments of Azerbaijan. There are two stone inscriptions in the mosque. The construction date of the mosque was written in these inscriptions. The name of the Tuba Shahi and the year (AH 886-year, 1481-1482) of its construction were written in one of them.


It was noted in the inscription inside that Tuba Shahi mosque was built in 1372 by Haji Baheddin ibn Hoja Nureddin.

It is said that this script belongs to the oldest mosque in the village. The inclination of contrast reflects inside the building. Its walls were built of neatly hewn stones. There four small rooms that adjacent to the prayer hall in the corners of plan similar to the square.

The internal structure of Tuba Shahi mosque (King Tuba Mosque) are like the yard and tombs of the Shirvanshakhs. Its outside was decorated with the traditional patterns (patterns like ribbon). The composition of this portal widespread in the architecture of the XV century.

Source: Report News Agency

Tuba Shahi mosque
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