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A suspension bridge is being erected over the Aghsuchay river

A suspension bridge is being erected on the 4.5 km of the Muganli-Ismayilli-Gabala road over the Aghsuchay River. This was reported by the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads.
In accordance with the project prepared on the special order of the head of state, the length of the Muganly-Ismayilli-Gabala road will be reduced by 9.7 km and will be 76.8 km.
The two-lane road will be expanded to four lanes. Along with the entire project, the construction of one tunnel, 8 large and 5 small bridges, including one suspension bridge, is planned.
Bridges over the rivers Girdimanchay, Talistanchay, Akhokh, Goychay and Vendamchay will be reconstructed and will become four-lane.

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