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In the national parks will be held special spring events

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan has announced a series of festive events to be held in March.
On March 3, the Goy Gol National Park in “Od Charshanba” organizes an ecotour and festive events.
On March 10, the Gizilagach National Park holds an exhibition entitled “Spring Comes to Us.”|
On March 14, Absheron National Park invites you to see an exhibition called “Doors of Love”. This area since ancient times is a place of faith in love.
On March 17, the Girkan National Park holds celebrations on the occasion of the “Torpag Chershenbesi”.
On March 21, Shirvan National Park organizes a safari tour to mark World Earth Day.
On March 22, the Shahdag National Park on the occasion of World Water Day organizes eco-tours to the Khanagah and Goshabulag waterfalls.
On March 28, Samur-Yalama National Park holds an open lesson for students.
On March 29, Altiagach National Park holds a knowledge contest among schoolchildren “Know our national parks”.

The press service of the Ministry of Ecology noted that anyone can participate in the above events.


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