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A Video About The Sights Of Shusha Has Been Prepared

A video about the sights of Shusha has been prepared

The Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency has prepared an introductory video about the sights of the city of Shusha. The video provides information about the Shusha fortress - the house of the poetess, gifted artist and philanthropist of khan gizi Khurshudbanu…

Karabakh Is Azerbaijan At The International Exhibition

“Karabakh is Azerbaijan“ at the MUSIAD Expo 2020 exhibition

At the MUSIAD Expo 2020, which will be held on November 18-21 in Istanbul with the organizational support of the Association of Independent Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkey (MÜSİAD), the information will be provided on the economic and investment potential…

The Truth About The Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque

The truth about the Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque in Shusha

As a result of the occupation of Shusha by the Armenian armed forces, the Armenians demolished a memorial plaque on the Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque, written in Azerbaijani. Under the pretext of carrying out repair work, the Armenians changed the…