The rules for the operation of cafes and restaurants during the pandemic

The Azerbaijan Food Safety Agency has published the rules to be followed during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in catering establishments.
According to innovation, citizens must comply with the following set of rules:
– In places of public catering should halve the number of customers and double the space for each person.
– In catering halls, the distance between tables should be two meters, and between chairs at the table – one meter.
– These institutions must undergo disinfection work. Disinfection devices should be on the tables. The room must be ventilated.
– It is imperative that hygiene products, disinfection supplies, hot and cold water be provided.
– Due to close contact with visitors, staff must strictly follow the rules of personal hygiene. Personnel must have clean clothes for work.
– Food, utensils and appliances used in the kitchen must be absolutely clean before starting work.
– When preparing food, heat treatment must be strictly observed.

Source: Baku Travel Guide

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